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I am using the MathType SDK from Python to get MathML from MathType objects. In Windows, MTXFormEqn() can replace MathType OLE object on the clipboard with its transformed equivalent. This seems to be the standard approach.

lib.MTXFormEqn(mtxfmCLIPBOARD, mtxfmTEXT, None, 0,      # source
               mtxfmCLIPBOARD, mtxfmTEXT, None, 0,      # dest
               '', None)

I am attempting to port this to OSX, but I can't figure out what data to pass into MTXFormEqn(). Calling the code above simple returns mtOK and MTXFormGetStatus() reports a generic error.

This chart suggests the source must be 'file' instead. The documentation lists "PICT" as a possible input format. MTEquationOnClipboard() reports a MathType clipboard object as type WMF (2), but I can get its PICT equivalent using NSPasteboard.

pb = NSPasteboard.generalPasteboard()
data = pb.dataForType_(NSPICTPboardType)

Has anyone successfully used MTXFormEqn() to translate MathType objects on the Mac? I can't find any examples (in the documentation or online) which use anything expect the standard clipboard-to-clipboard method from Windows.

Here is a stripped down version of the working Windows code. Error checking and const definitions omitted for brevity.

import sys
from ctypes import *

TRANSLATOR_TDL = 'MathML2 (namespace attr).tdl'

def main():
    # On OSX, use the following line instead:
    #    lib = cdll.LoadLibrary('/Library/Frameworks/MT6Lib.framework/MT6Lib')
    lib = windll.LoadLibrary('MT6.dll')
    lib.MTAPIConnect(0, 30)
    lib.MTXFormSetTranslator(4, TRANSLATOR_TDL)

    eq_type = lib.MTEquationOnClipboard()
    if eq_type == 8:            # mtOLE2_EQUATION -- Windows only
        lib.MTXFormEqn(mtxfmCLIPBOARD, mtxfmTEXT, None, 0,      # source
                       mtxfmCLIPBOARD, mtxfmTEXT, None, 0,      # dest
                       '', None)
        # MathML contents now on clipboard as string
    elif eq_type == 2:          # mtWMF_EQUATION -- Mac OSX
    return 0

if __name__ == "__main__":
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1 Answer

If there is MathType equation data on the clipboard (of any type) then

lib.MTXFormEqn(mtxfmCLIPBOARD, mtxfmTEXT, None, 0,      # source
               mtxfmCLIPBOARD, mtxfmTEXT, None, 0,      # dest
               '', None) 

should work on either platform (Mac or Win). How are you getting the MT eqn data on to the clipboard? Do you have a way to tell What is actually on the clipboard when you call MTXFormEqn?

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I used the MathType editor to copy an equation to the system clipboard. Calling MTEquationOnClipboard() reports the data as type 2 -- mtWMF_EQUATION. This can be converted to a "PICT" object using NSPasteboard, but I don't know how to pass that to MTXFormEqn(). On Windows it's easy -- run MTXFormEqn() with a destination of clipboard, and the MathML is on the clipboard. On OSX, the original clipboard data remains unchanged. –  zourtney Feb 2 '12 at 20:47
MTEquationOnClipboard returning mtWMF_EQUATION is a bug. There are no WMF's on Mac, what's on the clipboard is actually a PICT. I don't understand why calling MTXFormEqn (with source = mtxfmCLIPBOARD) is failing. I'll see if I can duplicate what your seeing (or better yet put together a code snippet that works). –  JohnS Feb 2 '12 at 21:29
Here's a bare-bones example. gist.github.com/1726138 Start with a MathType object on the clipboard. After running in Windows, I get MathML on the clipboard. On OSX, the MathType object remains on the clipboard. Can you duplicate this behavior? –  zourtney Feb 2 '12 at 23:03
Update: I also added the output of NSPasteboard.types() to the gist. gist.github.com/1726138#file_pasteboard_types.py Type PICT is clearly there. Could the clipboard-to-clipboard operation be failing because MTEquationOnClipboard() is reporting mtWMF_EQUATION instead of mtMAC_PICT_EQUATION? –  zourtney Feb 2 '12 at 23:51
No MTXFormEqn does not call MTEquationOnClipboard, so the fact that MTEquationOnClipboard is returning mtWMF_EQUATION does not matter. The call to MTXFormEqn will look for any MathType eqn data on the clipboard. Your list of clipboard types, indicates that MathType was the app that placed the data on the clipboard ("CorePasteboardFlavorType 0x45514E44" is 'EQND', MathTypes native eqn data format). Given that EQND is on the clipboard MTXFormEqn should just use that (i.e. not even bother with the PICT). I see no reason why MTXFormEqn should fail. –  JohnS Feb 3 '12 at 20:38
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