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Enter “&” symbol into a text Label in Windows Forms?

On a screen with label controls bound to user-filled properties, I'm getting underlined characters (mnemonics) on the label because the underlying data contains ampersands.

For example, if the bound property contains "A&B Trucking", then the label shows as "AB Trucking" with the B underlined. Alt-B on the keyboard would focus that label.

How do you prevent this from happening with bound controls?

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You can prevent this by either doubling up on the ampersands (&& will display correctly as &), or you can set the UseMnemonic property of the label to false which is probably the best solution in your case

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Depending on the situation you can either set UseMnemonic to false on the respective control (works for example with databinding) OR double the ampersand (and thus escaping it). For a walkthrough see this.

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Set the label's UseMnemonic property to false.

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use can use A&&B Trucking instead

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This is via data binding. –  Joey Feb 1 '12 at 17:51

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