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How do you update a record with a specific ID in LINQ to SQL (ASP.Net / C#)?

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See this post –  Sander Rijken May 26 '09 at 10:55

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You can do it like this...

var record = 
   from x in db.TableName
   where x.Id == 12345
   select x

record.DateUpdated = DateTime.Now;


Hope it helps :)

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Care to post some sample code you've taken a stab at.

If it's linq2sql, then it should be a simple matter of Retrieving your object using your linq datacontext using a Where<T>() clause , updating the object property and then calling the DataContext.SubmitChanges()

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void UpdateRow(Int32 intID) { bool IsSuccessfullyUpdated = false;

    var db = new DataContext();
        var dbCstInfo = db.TableName
            .Where(w => w.ID == intID)

        if (dbCstInfo != null)
            dbCstInfo.IsActive = !dbCstInfo.IsActive;
            dbCstInfo.Name = "BJP";
            dbCstInfo.Comp = "PVtal";
            IsSuccessfullyUpdated = true;
        IsSuccessfullyUpdated = false;

    return IsSuccessfullyUpdated;

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