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Not sure if anyone has experienced this, but ever since I downloaded Gitbox from the Mac AppStore and I click on "Clone in Mac" from github.com, it launches Gitbox instead of Github for mac. Sure enough when I uninstall Gitbox, clicking on "Clone in Mac" launched Github for mac. Any idea what could be causing this? How/Where is the association being made and is there a way to change it?

Update: Adding screenshots to refer to them in my comments to Marvin

Gitbox Plist Screenshot

Github Plist Screenshot

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The reason the Gitbox app is launched when you click on the Clone in Mac link is because the Clone in Mac link (on Github) uses the github-mac:// URL type. In your case, the Gitbox app registered itself to handle the github-mac:// URL type presumably because you installed it after you installed Github for Mac.

You can verify the URL type that each application uses by opening their respective Info.plist files and searching for the CFBundleURLTypes key. The locations for both the .plist files are:


Please note that the file paths may be off for Gitbox as I don't actually have it installed and thus can't verify. Also note that if you encounter either .plist file in binary format, use the following commands to convert them as needed:

From binary to XML:

plutil -convert xml1 some_file.plist

From XML to binary:

plutil -convert binary1 some_other_file.plist
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Thanks for your response, Marvin. I've uploaded 2 screenshot of each program's Plist. Your explanation while straight forward and clear, it wasn't applicable to my case. Hopefully these screenshots can shed some light on what else I can try? Thanks again! –  Mac Apr 8 '12 at 19:52

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