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I'm using the latest Facebook IOS SDK to publish messages on the wall of my iPhone app's users.

Problem is my App has a different name in French and English. So here's what I did so far:

  • Went to
  • Edited my FB Application, clicked on "Translate"
  • Translated all Phrases from English to French
  • Accepted all Translations
  • Went to the dashboard and published the "French (France)" Language (although the "Translation / Approval Progress" was 0% for some reasons)

When I go on the "Auth Dialog" section of the FB app parameters and click on "Preview Dialog" it's all in French (all good!)

When I try it for real from my iPhone App, the Facebook text is in French, but My FB App title and description are still in English (booo)

Any idea?

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I did end up creating 2 FB Apps, one in French, one in English. In the ios App I just check the user language and call the correct App Id...

If anybody has a better solution I'm interested!

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