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I am building an app with ruby on rails 3.1. I have a login form correctly displayed at the url "/login". When an error occurs, I would like it to go to "login/errors" instead of "/user_sessions".

For information I am using authlogic

The model used is called "user_session".

in route.rb:

resources :user_sessions, :only => [:create, :destroy]
match 'login' => 'user_sessions#new'
root :to => redirect("/login")

in user_sessions_controller.rb:

    def new
      @user_session = UserSession.new
      respond_to do |format|
        format.html # new.html.erb

    def create
      @user_session = UserSession.new(params[:user_session])
      respond_to do |format|
        if @user_session.save
          user = User.first(:conditions => {:email=> @user_session.email})
          format.html { redirect_to :controller => 'teams', :action => 'show', :id => user.team_id }
          format.html { render :action => "new" }

I have tried different things without success.

Thanks for your help.

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simple solution:

  1. match 'login' => 'user_sessions#new', as: :login_page

  2. redirect_to login_page_path if saving was fail.

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That's also the first thing I tried. it redirect properly to the login page but it doesnt pass the errors contained in @user_session. So I come back on the same page without any information to help. –  lgx Feb 1 '12 at 22:16

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