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I encountered a strange problem regarding CoreData and boolean values: In my data model I have set an entity's property to BOOL. Later I set theEntity.theBooleanValue = [NSNumber numberWithBool:NO] and save the object. So far so good, but when I try to check for the saved property's value with if ([theObject valueForKey:@"theBooleanValue"] == [NSNumber numberBOOL:NO]){//do something} it never jumps into the if clause. But if I check for == [NSNumber numberWithInt:0] its working... so basically I try to save a bool but it's recognized as an int... Any ideas what's going on there?

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It makes more sense to examine [[theObject valueForKey:@"theBooleanValue"] boolValue] for me. i.e.,

if(![[theObject valueForKey:@"theBooleanValue"] boolValue])
    // Your code

I think == operator compares the object pointer, and not the number itself. To compare number there is a separete method [NSNumber isEqualToNumber:].

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This is exactly it - the == operator is wrong for this comparison. –  Tim Feb 1 '12 at 19:08
Thanks, using [NSNumber isEqualToNumber:] was indeed the solution. –  DRT Feb 1 '12 at 19:15

Note, that'll make your life a lot easier of you declare the properties like

@property (nonatomic) BOOL theBooleanValue;

This will allow you to use

if (!theObject.theBooleanValue) {
    // Your code here

And you can assign directly with

theObject.theBooleanValue = YES;
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