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I have some files in my project that are from an external source and that I never edit but sometimes step through. These files use a different indentation style from my default one (2 spaces vs. 4 spaces), and I currently many indentation warnings on them. Is there an easy way to suppress these warnings (or alternatively, specify an indentation style) on a file by file basis? I would expect to be able to solve my problem with the equivalent of a pragma line that I add at the top of the file but so far I haven't found such a thing. (BTW I would rather not turn off indentation warnings altogether, as I find them useful when editing code.)

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You can add #@PydevCodeAnalysisIgnore to the beginning of your file to have PyDev skip its code-analysis of that file -- including the indentation warnings (i.e.: go to the top of your file and do Ctrl+1 and such an option will be shown to you).

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