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I am pretty new at development, so sorry if my question seems somewhat stupid ;). Here I go: I am trying to use CAMEL as HTTP proxy and I am following the example from Apache CAMEL itself:

    <from uri="jetty:"/>
    <to uri="jetty:http://realserverhostname:8090/myapp?bridgeEndpoint=true"/>

Question: what if the URL in the destination should look like the following:

<to uri="jetty:http://realserverhostname:8090/myapp/something?parameterdId=1232345?bridgeEndpoint=true"/>

Any idea how to get this working ? Looks like the extra "?" in the URI makes the bridgeEndpoint not be seen ? Thanks,

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First of all you should not use more than one question mark in URL. First parameter should be separated by question mark and all subsequent with ampersands (&) which you should probably escape in your config file, so it should look something like:

<to uri="jetty:http://realserverhostname:8090/myapp/something?parameterdId=1232345&amp;bridgeEndpoint=true"/>
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Yes the URI was invalid. You need to use &amp; to separate when you use 2+ parameters. Also consider using throwExceptionOnFailure=false to rely back any http errors directly in the bridge. Its also what we suggest on the Camel documentation. –  Claus Ibsen Feb 2 '12 at 4:47
Thanks a lot ! That should do the trick :) ! I also added your suggestion (but I was just taking 1 step at a time ;)). –  opstalj Feb 2 '12 at 7:20

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