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I have a java project that uses a resource file that is put into the jar file. All runs well while starting it with java -jar app.jar. But running it from a IDE, it doesn't find the file.

Is it possible to run and debug the project from the IDE?

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Can you please describe in detail how it doesn't work? And some code would be nice, too. –  user647772 Feb 2 '12 at 9:50

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Just in case anyone is still looking I solved this by creating the jar as an artefact.

To get the resources I use -jar path/to/my.jar in VM options in Edit configurations in the Run menu.

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Goto "open module setting" by right clicking the project. add the jar as a library in project setting. go to dependency tab of the module and add that.

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There is no jar file yet. I build a jar file from a project and a file is put in that container. The file is accessable by getClass().getResourceAsStream(file). But only if the Project is running with java -jar app.jar. When I start it direct from the IDE, it will not find the file. –  Ussr Feb 2 '12 at 6:46

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