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Any way to cast java.lang.Double to java.lang.Integer?

It throws an exception

"java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Double incompatible with java.lang.Integer"

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A Double is not an Integer, so the cast won't work. Note the difference between the Double class and the double primitive. Also note that a Double is a Number, so it has the method intValue, when you can use to get an primitive int.

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Ok not to cast. I need to get Integer object from Double, not 13.22222 but 13, for example. –  AlexIv Feb 1 '12 at 19:57
just call intValue() then. –  hvgotcodes Feb 1 '12 at 19:58
Don't forget to handle nulls. –  pimlottc Mar 27 at 20:01
Note that this merely returns the integer part of the Double, so for 13.666667 or even 13.9, you'll get 13, not 14. If you want the nearest integer, refer to my answer: stackoverflow.com/a/24816336/1450294 –  Michael Scheper Jul 18 at 2:18

You need to explicitly get the int value using method intValue() like this:

Double d = 5.25;
Integer i = d.intValue(); // i becomes 5


double d = 5.25;
int i = (int) d;
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Thank you. Very clear. The accepted answer, for me, feels like scolding for asking a silly question. But your answer is very generous. –  Buddhika Ariyaratne Jul 3 at 7:39

Like this:

Double foo = 123.456;
Integer bar = foo.intValue();
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double a = 13.34;
int b = (int) a;

System.out.println(b); //prints 13
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I see three possibilities. The first two cut off the digits, the last one rounds to the nearest Integer.

double d = 9.5;
int i = (int)d;
//i = 9

Double D = 9.5;
int i = Integer.valueOf(D.intValue());
//i = 9

double d = 9.5;
Long L = Math.round(d);
int i = Integer.valueOf(L.intValue());
//i = 10
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Double and Integer are wrapper classes for java primitives for double and int respectively. You can cast between those, but you will lose the floating point. ie. 5.4 casted to an int will b 5. if you cast it back, it will be 5.0.

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Double d = 100.00;
Integer i = d.intValue();

One should also add that it works with autoboxing

Otherwise, you get an int (prmitive) and then can get Integer from there

Integer i = new Integer(d.intValue());
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Indeed, the simplest way is to use intValue(). However, this merely returns the integer part; it does not do any rounding. If you want the Integer nearest to the Double value, you'll need to do this:

Integer integer = Integer.valueOf((int) Math.round(double)));

And don't forget the null case:

Integer integer = double == null ? null : Integer.valueOf((int) Math.round(double)));

Math.round() handles odd duck cases, like infinity and NaN, with relative grace.

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