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I'm trying to save an excel spreadhseet from SQL Server Integration Services 2005.

Unfortunatly I only seem to be able to save in 2003 format but I want to be able to save in 2007 format. Is there wa way to do this?

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That should be possible using the OLEDB connection manager. (Not the Excel connection.)

Take a look at this example. It is for importing, but it should be suitable for exporting as well. Remember to use the XML format as described here. And in more detail here.

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I’ve managed to write to an excel 2007 workbook as described in the section “Connecting to a Workbook in Excel 2007 Format “ at this url The trick is to use an OLE DB connection for the workbook rather than an excel connection (of course!). According to this link… will need to wait for 2008 before they let you choose the 2007 workbook as an option  – AJM May 26 '09 at 13:03

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