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Hello guys I use jstree and I have multiple tree in the same page. I have two problems:

1) I want cookies in order to distinguish which nodes are open in each tree. I try to implement this functionality using prefix but unfortunately:

"cookies" : { "cookie_options" : { "prefix" : "home" } },

does not work since only the last opened node is re-opened after refresh.

2) I do not want to be able to create new root nodes.I only want to be able to create files or transfer files into my root directory.

I am trying to achieve that using:

"types" : {
            "types" : {
                // The default type
                "default" : {
                    "valid_children" : "none",
                    "icon" : {
                        "image" : "./file.png"
                // The `folder` type
                "folder" : {
                    "valid_children" : [ "default", "folder", "file" ],
                    "icon" : {
                        "image" : "./folder.png"
                // The `drive` nodes 
                "drive" : {
                    // can have files and folders inside, but NOT other `drive` nodes
                    "valid_children" : [ "default", "folder" ],
                    "icon" : {
                        "image" : "./root.png"
                    // those prevent the functions with the same name to be used on `drive` nodes
                    // internally the `before` event is used
                    "start_drag" : false,
                    "move_node" : false,
                    "delete_node" : false,
                    "remove" : false

but I am still able to post files into my root directory. Should I create another <li> without rel=drive above the root directory?


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ad 1) I think that it is side effect of using cookies plugin... – Radek Feb 2 '12 at 4:54
Do you know how to fix it? I have already fixed the second one.. – glarkou Feb 2 '12 at 9:51
Did you manage to get multiple cookies for different trees? I'm searching for the same problem! – andreapier May 28 '12 at 8:37

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The solution for cookies in multiple trees:

"cookies": {
  "save_selected": "node_selected_" + tree_id
  "save_opened": "node_opened_" + tree_id

There is no such option as "prefix". "save_selected" and "save_opened" take either a string or false. By providing different tree_id you effectively use different cookies for each tree.

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