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This is somewhat of a complex question. I've been trying to implement a system where a user fills out their account information on a form and then it emails this information to a client. I have my php script which generates the email as a whole; however, when I use a function like openssl_public_encrypt, it fails. I've realized there is a length limit on this function?

I suppose my question is: "How do I encrypted a large email in php and then send that file to someone using an outlook client?"

Does anyone have any good information on this subject? It's greatly appreciated.

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Lots of information about the limits of openssl_public_encrypt() in the PHP documentation. Check the comments, especially the one by Thomas Horsten.

My suggestion would be to use something like the solution in this question - PHP Mcrypt - Encrypting / Decrypting file, store it on a server, and send a link to the user in email. If necessary, require a username and password to download the file.

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