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In my gemfile:

gem "less-rails", "~> 2.1.2"
gem 'bootstrap-sass', "~> 1.4.3"
gem "less-rails-bootstrap", "~> 1.4.2"

A standard button btn class shows a very ugly shadow on hovering effect whereas other buttons urgent and info work nicely.

I also found other issues while trying to use the top-bar, the dropdown navigation won't work.

I must be missing something, any idea how to debug this?

Am I missing a Gem?

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You seem to be using both my bootstrap-sass library and the less-rails-bootstrap library. This is almost certainly unneeded, but without any additional hints as to what you're doing (stylesheet imports or button code) there's not a lot I can suggest. –  Thomas McDonald Feb 2 '12 at 17:36
removed the less libraries and commented out some of the default scaffolds SCSS and the issue is gone! Formulating the problem + your hint helped a lot. Thanks! –  joelmaranhao Feb 2 '12 at 21:35
Hey Thomas, BTW I suppose you must already be working on 2.0 release ... do you have a pre-release I could try? Cheers –  joelmaranhao Feb 2 '12 at 22:26

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removed unnecessary Less gems and commented out some scaffolds code: a{} ...

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