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I'm working in Visual Studios 2010 and Ankhsvn.

I need to exclude a few of my files from being Committed (which I did through ignore-on-commit in the Change log.)

How do I exclude the files from being changed when I update?

I've tried adding the svn:ignore property, but I keep getting errors thrown. Maybe I'm using it wrong... It shouldn't be this hard to completely exclude files.

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svn:ignore is a property on a directory that you set to specify that the given resources shouldn't be in version control - which doesn't sound like what you want. If the file is already under version control, SVN will always try to process it. The effect you're after (restricting svn operations to a given subset of files) can be achieved using the --changelist option. You can use svn changelist to create lists of files, then suboptions to add and remove files from that list, then you can pass that changelist to svn up to limit which files get processed.

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Thank you sir! so the --remove property doesn't remove the file from the repository, it will just stop the versioning process? – James Feb 1 '12 at 21:42
--remove is just used to remove files from a changelist. shows an example of how to create a changelist and use it with svn commit, but svn update will work just the same. – Chris Nash Feb 1 '12 at 21:59

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