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I am very new to Cucumber and I have a situation where I have to run a certain Scenario A present in Feature A before I can run Scenario B present in Feature B. I am wondering how can I do this in cucumber, I have used @After and @Before in a feature but how can I take care of cross feature dependencies like this. Thanks a lot.

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That sounds like a codesmell - features are supposed to be independent. – Frederick Cheung Feb 1 '12 at 21:53

Your scenarios must be independent (like any kind of tests be it acceptance tests, unit tests etc.). Never make assumptions about the order of tests/specs.

If you need to perform common operations before and after each scenario (or each scenario tagged with tag), use Before and After hooks.

If you need to do same initialization before each scenario in the feature and you want to be explicit about this initialization in the text of your Feature, you can use Background:

Feature: some feature

  Background: logged in
    Given I am logged in as administrator

  Scenario: some scenario where user will be logged in

Note: Before hooks run before Backgrounds

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thanks a lot Alex, this was very very useful and educating. I have one last question, similar to background if I wanted to execute a scenario after all the scenarios in a feature have been executed, how is this typically done in Cucumber. For example TestNG has a tag called @AfterClass. It is basically like a tear down, or for example I made some changes to the state of an account, now in this last scenario, i want to bring the account back to the original state. – user1047912 Feb 6 '12 at 13:25
Usually teardown (and setup) logic is an implementation details and is implemented in Before, After or Around hooks (because reader of your spec won't need to know about these technical things). You can read more about cucumber hooks here. Background is useful when you provide common customer-readable (non technical) background for your scenarious. Background have no inverse method. Some advices from cucumber developers for Background usage are written [here].( – Alex Kliuchnikau Feb 6 '12 at 13:58

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