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Below code doesn't seem to change the background color of dropdownlist. Please advice.

 var TextHighlightCss = {
        'background': '#FFFFAA',
        'border': '1px solid #FFAD33'

 $('#ddlCarriers option:selected').css('TextHighlightCss');

Thanks in advance


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$('#ddlCarriers option:selected').css(TextHighlightCss);

You're passing a string, not your variable.

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Thanks James. my bad. I knew css() works. But some times we need an extra set of eyes. –  BumbleBee Feb 1 '12 at 21:58

Remove the apostrophes from the .css() part and it should work.

Also, you may like to see this:


It shows the style differences between all browsers for select menus, quite handy.

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Please do it like this, if you can help it:


.hightlight {
  background: #FFFFAA;
  border: 1px solid #FFAD33;


$('#ddlCarriers option:selected').addClass("hightlight");

Guy who needs to refactor it in the future:


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