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So I'm diving into Grails for the first time and am trying to accomplish what I think would be an easy task, so I hope this is trivial. Time spent on it is making me feel otherwise :)

So I have a list of Contacts in a database that are tied to a boolean called isActive. I want to have a check box in my list gsp that determines whether to show inactive members or not.

I've tried using a Javascript function (which I could successfully call, but wasn't sure how to handle the passing after the call). I've also tried to add a g:if to check to see if the box's checked property was enabled, but this results in a null object (which I suspected would happen).

I've also tried attaching a remoteFunction call on the onclick of the checkbox, but I never get a response back unfortunately.

Any advice? Thanks - I appreciate it. The challenges of teaching yourself a web language for the first time :)

            <meta name="layout" content="main">
        <g:set var="entityName" value="${message(code: 'contact.label', default: 'Contact')}" />
        <title><g:message code="default.list.label" args="[entityName]" /></title>

        function updateThisPage()


    <a href="#list-contact" class="skip" tabindex="-1"><g:message code="default.link.skip.label" default="Skip to content&hellip;"/></a>
    <div class="nav" role="navigation">
            <li><a class="home" href="${createLink(uri: '/')}"><g:message code="default.home.label"/></a></li>
            <li><g:link class="create" action="create"><g:message code="default.new.label" args="[entityName]" /></g:link></li>
            <li><g:checkBox name="showInactives" value="${false}" onclick="....." /></li>
    <div id="list-contact" class="content scaffold-list" role="main">
        <h1><g:message code="default.list.label" args="[entityName]" /></h1>
        <g:if test="${flash.message}">
        <div class="message" role="status">${flash.message}</div>
                <g:if test="${isActive?.checked}">
                    <g:sortableColumn property="firstName" title="${message(code: 'contact.firstName.label', default: 'First Name')}" />

                    <g:sortableColumn property="lastName" title="${message(code: 'contact.lastName.label', default: 'Last Name')}" />

                    <g:sortableColumn property="phone" title="${message(code: 'contact.phone.label', default: 'Phone')}" />

                    <g:sortableColumn property="email" title="${message(code: 'contact.email.label', default: 'Email')}" />

                    <g:sortableColumn property="title" title="${message(code: 'contact.title.label', default: 'Title')}" />

                    <g:sortableColumn property="jobFunc" title="${message(code: 'contact.jobFunc.label', default: 'Job Func')}" />
            <g:each in="${contactInstanceList}" status="i" var="contactInstance">
                            <g:if test="${contactInstance.isActive}">
                                <tr class="${(i % 2) == 0 ? 'even' : 'odd'}">

                                    <td><g:link action="show" id="${contactInstance.id}">${fieldValue(bean: contactInstance, field: "firstName")}</g:link></td>

                                    <td>${fieldValue(bean: contactInstance, field: "lastName")}</td>

                                    <td>${fieldValue(bean: contactInstance, field: "phone")}</td>

                                    <td>${fieldValue(bean: contactInstance, field: "email")}</td>

                                    <td>${fieldValue(bean: contactInstance, field: "title")}</td>

                                    <td>${fieldValue(bean: contactInstance, field: "jobFunc")}</td>

        <div class="pagination">
            <g:paginate total="${contactInstanceTotal}" />

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Why don't you try JQuery & CSS combination? For example, with every field you have, add a class "Active" or "Inactive" according to their record in Database. Then when you click the button, simply add the class "Hidden" for all the elements that have "Inactive" class.



In CSS, you can do the following and all the elements of "Hidden" class will be hid:

.Hidden {
display: none;
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Let me give this a shot. Keep you posted - Thank you sincerely for your input! –  user82302124 Feb 3 '12 at 16:34

In jQuery you can actually use show() and hide() function instead of adding or removing css classes.

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