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I am having trouble getting my handlebars templates accessible in rails 3.1. I have the following controller:

Lead.Controllers.UrlSearch = Ember.Object.extend
  init: ->
    view = Ember.View.create
      controller: @
      urlSearchBinding: 'controller.url_search'
      templateName: 'app/templates/url_search/show'

On the rails side of things, I have a the following initialisation script in config/initializers/sprockets.rb

require 'sprockets/ember_handlebars'

Rails.application.assets.register_engine 'hjs', EmberHandlebars

My EmberHandleBars looks like this:

require 'tilt'
require 'json'

class EmberHandlebars < Tilt::Template
  def self.default_mime_type

  def prepare

  def evaluate(scope, locals, &block)
    "Ember.TEMPLATES['#{scope.logical_path}'] = Ember.Handlebars.compile(#{data.to_json})"

Finally, the template is located in:


In there error console, I get this 404 resource error:

404 (Not Found)

and also

Error: - Unable to find template "app/templates/url_search/show".

I am confused why it is looking for an hjs.js file when I have specified otherwise and why it cannot find the template.

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?

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Changing the file extensions form .jst.hjs to just .hjs fixed the problem.

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