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I am using IE9 and trying to debug some javascript. I read all over the place that console.log() will actually log to the console rather than puking up alerts when developer tools are open.

However, I have developer tools open and console.log is still giving alerts. What am I missing?

  • Browser Mode: IE9 Compat Mode
  • Document Mode: IE8 Standards
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You'll have to provide a test case, because I have never (even with developer tools in IE6) had console.log() create an alert(). From all my experience, if tools aren't open, console.log() throws an error because console is undefined unless the tools are open. –  Eli Sand Apr 28 '12 at 13:03

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I would look to see if console.log is being redefined somewhere in your JS.

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console.log() won't alert() anything ... I think you are using some custom console.log-function in your code. However I'd always suggest to use those tiny functions which are shipped with html5boilerplate:

// usage: log('inside coolFunc', this, arguments);
// paulirish.com/2009/log-a-lightweight-wrapper-for-consolelog/
window.log = function f(){ log.history = log.history || []; log.history.push(arguments); if(this.console) { var args = arguments, newarr; args.callee = args.callee.caller; newarr = [].slice.call(args); if (typeof console.log === 'object') log.apply.call(console.log, console, newarr); else console.log.apply(console, newarr);}};

// make it safe to use console.log always
(function(a){function b(){}for(var c="assert,count,debug,dir,dirxml,error,exception,group,groupCollapsed,groupEnd,info,log,markTimeline,profile,profileEnd,time,timeEnd,trace,warn".split(","),d;!!(d=c.pop());){a[d]=a[d]||b;}})
(function(){try{console.log();return window.console;}catch(a){return (window.console={});}}());

Include them, use them and you'll not have any errors caused by your debugging output in IE.

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It may be that console.log has been rewritten by some script on the page. I'd test if this alert behavior appeared on all sites or just this one you are currently testing. (If it does happen everywhere, maybe console.log is being rewritten by a browser add-on.)

Try using console.warn instead (or even console.error, in a pinch) -- perhaps that will still behave as expected. It's a nice sanity check, and it can still get you debugging output if you never get console.log working.

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