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I have an Android Webview that has javascript that is calling Android methods through the addJavascriptInterface method:

myWebview.addJavascriptInterface(new JavascriptBridge(), "Android");

public class JavascriptBridge {

    public String getAString() {          
        return "my_str";

this works fine. I want to return a list of ints to the js. Tried this:

public class JavascriptBridge {

    public int[] getMyInts() {          
        return new int[]{1,2,3};

but javascript value of calling this function returns undefined:

var myInts = Android.getMyInts()

is there a list of valid return types for an Android Javascript Interface. Is it only primitives?

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Have you tried creating the array first, e.g., var myInts = new Array(); then calling myInts = Android.getMyInts();? –  Squonk Feb 1 '12 at 23:47
AFAIK, it is only primitives. You can marshal more complex stuff to JSON, though. –  CommonsWare Feb 2 '12 at 0:06

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I have not seen a list of valid types (for passing values to Java functions and to return), but only primitives and string seem to work.

You can use JSON (e.g. stringify and parse in Javascript, check various Java options at json.org

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You can return anything, primitives or Objects. Objects are converted to strings via their toString() method. If the JavascriptInterface method returns a JSON string (e.g. an Object who's toString() outputs JSON) you can then parse that string directly:

var array = JSON.parse(window.android.getSomeJsonThing());
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