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Grails (1.3.7) data binding behaviour differs with locales. It is ok but not works for my case.

class XCommand{
    Double value 
    //this value comes from an external service which has no idea about locale so default as en_
    //also it is a hidden value, end user is unaware of it

If user has a different Locale than en, this value comes to the controller as a different wrong double value

What is the solution? A custom converter? or changing/restoring locale just around the method invocation?

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You can use FixedLocaleResolver and set the default locale

Try this (in resource.groovy)

localeResolver (FixedLocaleResolver, Locale.ENGLISH) {
  Locale.setDefault (Locale.ENGLISH)

It will set locale fixed to Locale.ENGLISH

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actually i need to fix the locale for a specific request, where a commandObject binding exists –  hgoz Feb 22 '12 at 14:09

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