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I'm trying to build the android source on an Ubuntu virtual machine with virtualbox. When I compile, I get an error stating that the source must be compiled on a case sensitive file system. Linux is obviously case sensitive, but I wonder if it is detecting my windows disk. Does anybody have any experience with this sort of thing? Thanks

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It depends what you mean by "detecting your Windows disk".

Ubuntu does not distinguish between a native hard disk and an image file that resides on a Windows file system. In both cases, case sensitivity depends only on the file system visible to Ubuntu. So, if you create an ext3/4, btrfs,... partition, it will be case-sensitive.

However, if you share a directory between Windows and the guest operating system, case-sensitivity is inherited from the host file system. If that file system is case-insensitive, Ubuntu will see a case-insensitive file system. I guess, that's the problem in your case? As solution, I'd move the build process to some non-shared location, i.e. some path in your Ubuntu-local file system.

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Thanks for confirming. I ended up creating a dedicated machine – tier1 Feb 5 '12 at 6:46

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