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I would like to drag a row from a JQGrid to a text input field and add a column's text from the dropped row to the end of the text in the input.

Obviously this is a long way from the answer, but dragging a row from a grid with this set up on it (where #inputTextField is a 'droppable' text field) results in the JavaScript error this.p is undefined:

         connectWith:   '#inputTextField"

This is because the destination is obviously not a JQGrid and does not have this.p defined. I've tried a few different things...maybe there is a way I can 'trick' the drop event into working? Thank you so much for any help :)

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I figured it out!! First, make the grid rows draggable (this function should be called in your gridComplete grid event handler):

function makeGridRowsDraggable() {

        var $searchResultsGrid  =   $("#searchResultsGrid"),
            $searchResultsRows =    $("#searchResultsContainer .ui-row-ltr");

            revert:     "false",
            appendTo:   'body',
            cursor:     "move",
            cursorAt:   {
                            top: 10,
                            left: -5
            helper:     function(event) {

                            //get a hold of the row id
                            var rowId = $(this).attr('id');

                            //use the row id you found to get the column text; by using the getCell method as below, 
                            //the 'unformatter' on that column is called; so, if value was formatted using a
                            //formatter, this method will return the unformatted value 
                            //(as long as you defined an unformatter/using a built-in formatter)
                            var theValue = $searchResultsGrid.jqGrid('getCell', rowId, 'desiredValue');

                            //set the data on this to the value to grab when you drop into input box
                            $(this).data('colValue', theValue);

                            return $("<div class='draggedValue ui-widget-header ui-corner-all'>" + theValue+ "</div>");
            start:      function(event, ui) {
                            //fade the grid
                            $(this).parent().fadeTo('fast', 0.5);
            stop:       function(event, ui) {
                            $(this).parent().fadeTo(0, 1);

Then, create droppable elements:

function createDroppableElements() {

    $("#inputFieldOne, #inputFieldTwo").droppable({
        tolerance:  'pointer',
        hoverClass: 'active',
        activate:   function(event, ui) {
        deactivate: function(event, ui) {

        drop:       function(event, ui) {
                        var theValue ='colValue');
                        theValue = theValue .replace(/<br>/gi,'; ');
                        console.log("dropped value: " + theValue );  

                        updateText($(this), theValue);

Create a helper method to append text to text field (appending a trailing ';'):

function updateText(txtTarget, theValue) {

    var currentValue = txtTarget.val().trim();

    if (currentValue.length > 0 
        && currentValue.substr(currentValue.length-1) !== ";") 
        currentValue = currentValue + '; ';

    currentValue += theValue;

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