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i know there are numberous log monitoring tools (with tail feature) out there and i have tried many of them. though they are all pretty good, i am looking for one specific feature which i haven't been able to find yet. All these log monitoring tools could add this feature easily. The feature that i want is ..

  • The way we can set filters and highlight rows. I want an add-on on this existing feature. I have multiple logs running real time. i cannot look at all the logs continuously. i want to use my filters to send a visual or email notification to me.a visual notification is something on the tab or a separate windows which says, this file has this word appeared.

let me knw if this is confusion.

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Have you tried this tool? There are so called triggers which will send you an email when certain log patterns are detected, the attachment will contain the log statements which caused the trigger to fire.

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if you need to monitor several logs and have the alerts from those logs report to one viewable web interface, you need to use Nagios. See http://www.logrobot.com for a screenshot. With Nagios, you can view the status of all your log checks and also receive email alerts when the thresholds you configured are breached.

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Wow - am I supposed to wear some kind of special glasses to view that site properly or is it meant to look like that ;-) – Chris B Oct 31 '14 at 9:56

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