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I have 2 columns in a table called Points. The 2 columns are UserPoints and UserID.

I want to be able to echo the total amount of points a user has.

I've got something like this but I dont think its right.

$getTotalPoints = mysql_query("SELECT SUM(UserPoints) FROM `Points` WHERE `UserID` = '1'") or die(mysql_error()); 
$totalPoints = mysql_fetch_array($getTotalPoints);

When i echo the above statement by echoing "$totalPoints" i get "Array".

Anyone know the correct query to do this ?

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You're getting Array because that's what's stored in $totalPoints. Look closely at your code and you'll see you used the mysql_fetch_array() function, which retrieves a row of results from the results set as an array. If you do var_dump() on $totalPoints you'll see the following:

    [0] => 12345
    [SUM(UserPoints)] => 12345

The sum you're looking for is at index 0 or the column name, in this case SUM(UserPoints), so you can output it using echo $totalPoints[0] or echo $totalPoints['SUM(UserPoints)'].

Alternatively, you could use the mysql_result() function. I think this is more in-line with the behavior you were expecting. It fetches a single value from the row from the result set. So, instead of mysql_fetch_array() you'd wrote:

$totalPoints = mysql_result($result, 0);

For more information on mysql_result(), check out the PHP documentation for it.

As an aside, I would recommend not using mysql_* functions if you have the option. A newer interface like PDO, or at least mysqli, would be better. This will depend on your project of course... if you're working with a large legacy code base it may be difficult to change. But if you're starting out now, I think you'd benefit from the newer libraries. You can see my opinion and some guidance on transitioning extensions in this article I wrote.

Hope this helped... and good luck!

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+1 for the awesome article. – Leysam Rosario Feb 2 '12 at 1:43

mysql_fetch_array fetches a result row as an associative array, a numeric array, or both. by default it creates both. all that you need is to echo $totalPoints[0];

or, if you rewrite you request as

$getTotalPoints = mysql_query("SELECT SUM(UserPoints) total FROM `Points` 
        WHERE `UserID` = '1'") or die(mysql_error()); 
$totalPoints = mysql_fetch_array($getTotalPoints);
echo $totalPoints['total'];
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mysql_fetch_array returns an array. Therefore you need to treat $totalpoints as an array.

try adding this line to the end of your snippet:

echo $totalPoints[0];

There are several ways to retrieve data with the mysql functions I suggest reading about them in the php manual.

Here is mysql_fetch_array

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The resultset row is an array with as many elements as you got in the SELECT. In you case you only got 1 element (the sum). So you should: echo $totalPoints[0]; If you need to debug this kind of issues I recommend you to read about print_r function.

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