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I have the following and am not sure why it doesn't work. It outputs the whole location object.

def test
  render :json => @l.as_json(only: [:id, :name])

How do I limit to only id and name? I don't want to use respond_to or respond_with block.


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Does this work?

render json: { location: { id:, name: } }

I want to edit my answer. I think this is the correct way to do it.

render json: @l.to_json(only: [:id, :name])
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thx. this works but how would I add syntax for an array of locations such as Location.all – timpone Feb 2 '12 at 1:24
I think the syntax would be: render json: {locations: { |l| {id:, name:} } } – Max Feb 2 '12 at 1:29
Please see me edited answer. – Max Feb 2 '12 at 1:33

you can use ActiveRecord::Base's to_json method like this

render :json => @l.to_json(:only => [:id, :name])
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That's the old syntax! ;) – DaMainBoss Mar 5 '12 at 1:14

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