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In inline editing mode, clicking on "Save" is throwing an error.

var rowSave = function(id){     
        "succesfunc": function(response) {
            return true; 
        "url": myjqgrid.json
        "mtype": "GET"

Is it because the url is set to json?

Basically, I get JSON response when the grid is loaded the first time. After I edit the row in inline editing mode, the edited data should be sent to the server. When the data is saved on the server, it should return the updated JSON and the grid row data should be updated with the updated JSON response.

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Looking at this doc page:

in the section for saveRow it says:

url: if defined, this parameter replaces the editurl parameter from the options array. If set to 'clientArray', the data is not posted to the server but rather is saved only to the grid (presumably for later manual saving).

and a bit below:

Except when url (or editurl) is 'clientArray', when this method is called, the data from the particular row is POSTED to the server in format name: value, where the name is a name from colModel and the value is the new value.

so it seems you need to supply the server URL that will accept data here. In some of the examples on the same page you can see something like this:

editurl: "server.php",
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thank you for your response. I did go through the documentation on wiki. does this mean that in my rowSave(), the value of the url should be the server side file? and this file will send back JSON? how will the jqgrid get updated? – techlead Feb 2 '12 at 3:42
This should be the url of the server side page that will accept the data that changed and then e.g. store it in a database or so. You can use jQuery("#grid_id").jqGrid('saveRow',"rowid", false, 'clientArray'); variant to do everything locally (i.e. url should be 'clientArray'). When the row is saved, there should be no need for updates from the server, as the state did not change - what kind of update are you expecting to happen? I guess if you just want to reload the grid for some reason, you can use successfunc callback. – Feb 2 '12 at 4:19
data updates. So, if a column in the grid had the value Client A but it was edited to Client B. I specify the server side page in the url. This server side page stores the changed data in the database, spits out the new JSON response. Will the jqgrid automatically pick up the edited data from the JSON response? Does that mean that the value of url when (1) first loading the jqgrid and (2) saving the row - should be the same? – techlead Feb 2 '12 at 4:27
Data updates on the client. Client sends the update to the server. There's no need for server to send any data back to client, as client already knows what was updated. url when loading is the url of the page that provides data. url when doing saveRow is the same as editurl in options and that is a different page that should store the data on the server, not produce any data back. If you use url: 'clientArray', all will happen on the client - it will be stored in the grid itself - this emphasizes that it doesn't do any data update from the server when doing saveRow. – Feb 2 '12 at 4:43
I'm not using clientArray as I don't want to save the data on the client side. The data should be updated and stored on the server. – techlead Feb 2 '12 at 4:44

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