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I'm trying to get all of the videos of my stream.

When I go to http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/api/ and click on the news feed (me/home) link, using that access token, I see my entire stream, including videos.

However, when I fetch the stream (me/home) from my app, it shows me the entire stream except the ones with type:video. I also tried it in the graph explorer and I have the exact same problem there. In my app, I've tried enabling permissions including user_status, user_videos, user_photo_video_tags, friends_status, friends_videos, friends_photo_video_tags, read_stream, and offline_access. None of these help.

I even tried turning on every single permission and it doesn't help. (If I just want to get my own videos--me/posts--that works fine.)

I also tried FQL and, while I'm a beginner at that, it seems to have the same problem.

So, can others see videos in me/home? Am I missing something obvious? Or is it a facebook bug? (I couldn't find that in their bug DB).

Thank you.

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Appears to be a bug. You should go there and mark that you can validate it. Also subscribe to the bug so you know when it get's fixed.


Steps to Reproduce: 1. get an access token using the read_stream permission

  1. call me/home api


no data returned, but when I switched to the Graph API Explorer app in the test tool with the same permission. it returns 25 entries. Expected Behavior: all feed posts in the stream Actual Behavior: none or a few entries

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