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I keep studying this flow of the Facebook's bigpipe technique but I have this question.

How this thing is implemented? does the pagelet is received through an ajax request? I keep on searching for the source code of this bigpipe but it points me to a 404 page of github.

Can someone explain this bigpipe in a low level(programming algorithm) way. I'm really interested with this technique.

Thanks in advance

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Well, no, the main content and pagelets are received with the same connection. The pagelets are simply streamed as they are generated to the browser, and placed in the document with Javascript.

You can find an open (and simple) BigPipe implementation in PHP here.

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I developed a simple page framework recently. The core idea is to separate a page into several features, each of which will be handled in parallel. The output of each feature is an HTML segment, which the framework then assembles by layout configuration. The first version is not perfect. If you get interested, check here https://github.com/chennanfei/Moonlight

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