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is there any thumb of rules or step-by-step guide how to re-build firebird database in win xp? I mean to change SYSDBA's password, not with gsec command.. :-D regard

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Changing the password in the firebird embedded server enviroment doesn't make any difference as the embedded server doesn't authenticate users, it only uses the username. So you can always use the embedded with full privileges using username SYSDBA and random password.

Anyway, there is SQL user management commands available in Firebird 2.5 which allow you to work with users without using gsec.

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ain - I tried to rebuild with MSVS 2005 to change SYSDBA user, but I couldn't find this root yet, still working. Meanwhile firebird v3 look like promising. I love to donate firebird, after this superuser resolved. I need it to convince my customers, firebird is best option for their data security and budget. :-D Pardon for my English, and my best regard for firebird team. :-D – sarkosyi Feb 3 '12 at 1:47

As for today the only way to protect FB embedded database file is to put it onto encrypted disk. Use TrueCrypt or any other available encryption utility.

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Thanks andrei, I'll try :-D – sarkosyi Feb 3 '12 at 1:49

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