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I have to write a script to read each line using a while loop and count the number of words in each line. So far i can get the total number of lines and the text for each on its own line. I am having trouble using the wc -w command to count the number of words for each line and display it. when i put it on the same line as the printf statement is gives an inaccurate count. I have to pipe the text tile to the script so it will count the words, for example: cat file.txt | word_count.sh

any suggestions?



while read line;do

printf "line $line_num: $line"




cat imagine.txt | word_counts.sh 
line1: magine there's no countries 
line2: It isn't hard to do 
line3: Nothing to kill or die for 
line4: And no religion too 
line5: Imagine all the people living life in peace 
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printf "$line_num: $(echo $line | wc -w)"
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Thank you so much that worked perfect, didn't know i had to echo the line and put () around it. –  Jason Gagnon Feb 2 '12 at 3:56

In case you want to impress at the risk of getting caught for plagiarism:

 awk '$0="line"NR": "NF' imagine.txt
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