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I'd like to unzip an encrypted/password protected file via a Ruby script without dropping down to a system call. I currently use the rubyzip library to unzip files but don't see an option for working with encrypted files.

Anyone know of some code or a library that will do this?

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The requirements changed and I don't have to unzip a password protected file anymore so I'm using RubyZip to do the unzip. Thanks for the answers. –  digitalsanctum Jun 9 '09 at 18:09

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The only one I've heard of to date is the Chilkat Ruby Zip library, which isn't free. The RubyZip library does not support password-protected files because the underlying library, zlib, doesn't do so either.

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Sometimes the right answer is to use a system call. That's why it's there.

True, it's slower and less elegant than using a library or a method. But it's cheaper than paying a tax to someone (a royalty payment) and much much faster than writing a new library yourself.

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Not a ruby library, but...maybe a free option.

If your app runs on Windows, you can use the DotNetZip library, via the new COM interface. It does password-protected files, either Zip encryption (weak), or WinZip-compatible AES encryption.

DotNetZip is free.

If Windows is out of the question, there may be another possibility. DotNetZip runs in Mono, too. I don't know if there are Ruby-to-Mono integration mechanisms to allow you to call from Ruby to Mono on other platforms, but if they exist, they also may let you call into DotNetZip.

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There's always the option of using JRuby + a Java library for handling zip files. http://www.lingala.net/zip4j handles (encrypted) zip files and is Apache licensed. I've not used it yet, but it should work.

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Yes, there is one that works great by the way, I've just tried it and found your post in the middle..


Example of use:

require 'archive/zip'
Archive::Zip.extract('example5.zip', 'a_destination', :password => 'seakrit')

I'm sure that this will be useful for someone else looking for the same on google :)

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Your answer was useful for somebody searching via google ;) Can be installed via gem install archive-zip and worked without problem. –  knut Jan 3 '14 at 22:15

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