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In my RSpec I have:


In my model I have:

self.ended = document.at_css('#buy_now').blank?
  if not ended?

I want to check the ended= is called, but my spec would check it is called and then skip the actual update so the ended is not set properlyl.

I want it to actually run so subsequent logic would run correctly. Is there a way to do this, elegantly if possible?

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You could use an expect change to verify that ended was updated properly without preventing the actual update.

expect {
  # code which changes ended to true
}.to change(discount, :ended).from(false).to(true)


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that works thanks, I think I'll use this in this particular example. But I did face some other situations that merely doing change-expectaion is not enough and I must check the call has been made and actually make the call. –  lulalala Feb 2 '12 at 8:46

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