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I want to access the pixel values of a LAB image at a particular position.I don't want to read all the pixel values.Lets say at a position with x and y coordinates as 50 and 40 respectively. Can anyone please tell me how to do this??


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To get the values, just use cvGet2D and s.val[0], s.val[1], s.val[2] will give you the required intensities if it is a RGB image or just s.val[0] will suffice for greyscale.

CvScalar s;
Int value = s.val[k];
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thanks I have used it and it is working fine.. –  ATG Feb 3 '12 at 5:26

What have you tried? Have a look at the OpenCV User Guide, very near the top, the section "Accessing pixel intensity values"?


Vec3b intensity = img.at<Vec3b>(x, y);
Vec3f intensity = img.at<Vec3f>(x, y);
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Thanks for your reply.I was trying to use cvGet2d function,but I am not understanding its output,it gives CvScalar.Also I am using opencv in c. –  ATG Feb 2 '12 at 7:00

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