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The following is the code sample I have written. I would like to get the data from REST services and print it on the screen. I could get the response from REST in the JSON format. But, I could not find the way to use store it in the JSONStore and use it. Please help me to resolve this issue.

var xhrArgs = {
        url: "http://localhost:8080/RestApp/service/customers",
        handleAs: "json",
        contentType : "application/json",
        load: function(data){
        error: function(error){

    // Create a button programmatically:
    var button = new dijit.form.Button({
        label: "View Transactions...",
        onClick: function(){
            // Do something:
            dojo.byId("result1").innerHTML += "Functionality yet to be implemented! ";
    }, "progButtonNode");
    var store = new{target: "http://localhost:8080/RestApp/service/customers"});


        // use the object with the identity of 3

    //var deferred = dojo.xhrGet(xhrArgs);

    //compliantStore = new{deferred});


Returned JSON value is

{"employees":{"customers":[{"city":null,"accountNo":null,"name":"Name 1","id":1},{"city":null,"accountNo":null,"name":"Name 2","id":2}],"count":2}}

How would I retrive the values?

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JsonRestStore items are actually simple JavaScript objects, therefore you can always directly read properties from items. Like

var store = new{target: "http://localhost:8080/RestApp/service/customers"});
myValue = recipeStore.getValue(item,"foo"); //stored in myValue
get = store.getValue;
set = store.setValue;
save =;
// then fetch an item
var myGetValue = get(item,"foo");
var setMyValue = set(item,"foo","bar");

In synchronous mode, one can fetch without providing a callback, by directly accessing the results property from the request object that is returned from the fetch operation:

var queryResults = store.fetch({query:"?tastes='good'"}).results;
var firstItem = queryResults[0];

Did you meant something like that.. Hope it helps

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if i use like get(item,"foo"); where the return value will be stored? – Krishna Feb 2 '12 at 6:50
my returned json value is {"employees":{"customers":[{"city":null,"accountNo":null,"name":"Name 1","id":1},{"city":null,"accountNo":null,"name":"Name 2","id":2}],"count":2}}. How would i retrive each record? – Krishna Feb 2 '12 at 6:54
see the edited code, you will be able to use like: var myGetValue = get(item,"foo"); – DemoUser Feb 2 '12 at 6:58
it is not working for me. How can I display the JSON resilt to check if I am getting the correct result. Then I can try these methods. Please help me. – Krishna Feb 2 '12 at 7:18
where is item defined? – nylund Jun 18 '12 at 11:22

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