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Suppose I have an action that returns an rendered asp.net mvc control and send it as a response for AJAX request.

I want to have the response of that action during the whole page is rendering in a view.

public class Controller

  public ActionResult AjaxAction(string parameter)
    return PartialView("~/Views/Controls/Control.ascx",parameter);

now in view that renders the whole page I want something like:

<%var par = "1";%>
<%= AjaxAction(par) %>
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Depending on what you want to achieve partial requests may work for you. This is typically useful where your control is some form of 'widget'.

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Thanks for pointing me there. Really helpful. –  Jenea May 27 '09 at 9:50

I would use the jQuery load function, fired when the document is ready, and load the partial view into a div.

$(function() {
   $('#partialResult').load( '<%= Url.Action( "AjaxAction", "Controller", new { parameter = "1" } ) %>' );

 <div id="partialResult">
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