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I have a ListView which is populated by SimpleAdapter. Simple adapter is stuffed using HashMap.

Each TextView in the List shows lyrics of a song. Suppose at current time 2 items of list are fully visible and 3rd is half visible and half hidden as follows: enter image description here

I am using MediaPlayer to play songs. When 2nd song playback ends, I need to scroll the list so that 3rd item of list (which is half hidden due to screen resolution) could come on top as below: enter image description here

I want to implement this scenario whe mediaPlayer is on PlaybackCompleted state i.e. when 2nd song is ended. How should i do this? I am still a bigner in android please guide me!

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After reading the documentation i have come to know that ListView.smoothScrollToPosition(int position) or ListView.setSelection(int position) methods will fulfill this scenario.

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