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I have a master page in my website.

I have two contentplaceholder on that master page. In one contentplaceholder i have some links on which click I want to redirect to the corresponding page in the second contetplaceholder on the same master page.

how can i do this....?

pls help ..?

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I think you may have missed something here. When you use master pages you have content pages instead. The content page defines the area defined by the content place holder in your master page. When you create a content page you use the contentplaceholder tags to show your page content within the master page. It might be worth reading up the master pages tutorials on the ASP.NET website.

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I don't see a problem here. Just make the .aspx pages use the same master page and set the link locations to .aspx pages.

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From what it sounds like, you'll want to use a sitemap instead of the first contentplaceholder. Here is a description of them:

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