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Is there a way to change the log level for ActionController::RoutingError?
I'd like to change it from Error to Warning. Googled around and haven't found a solution...
I'd like just the routing errors to show up as warnings. but not change other logging behaviors.
One possible workaround (or part of that workaround) is described here but that's not exactly what I want. In this solution they just add a catch-all router for page-not-found errors and then deal with it in the catch-all-controller. But I'd like to be able to just change the log severity, if that's possible, it seems to better describe my intent...

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You could override the Simple Formatter so that you're logging the error as a warning.

However, I don't recommend taking this route as you end up logging a warning message for an action the application sees as an error/exception. The more elegant option would be to have a catch-all page as you described, with the controller catching the exception and logging the warning message.

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