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In one of my mailer methods I used a variable title '@subject'. By default, I was expecting this to be present in the corresponding view. However, after wasting quite some time looking around, I realized that the problem was in the variable name. Changing it to anything but @subject worked. Is there a place where these keywords are defined, I google around but didn't find any such listing?

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Hey @Wahaj first of all @subject is not keyword!, you can use reflection to get information about class before using it.

You can get all instance method by object_or_class.instance_methods message or just call object.methods will return available methods, there is lots more google it

Now when you call action mailer method like


it return Mail::Message object

here is result of Mail::Message reflection => #<Mail::Message:-634435678, Multipart: false, Headers: > 
 m.methods => [....,"subject", "subject=",...]

it seems that subject is attr_accessor in Mail::Message class but it is not, subject getter and setter are setting subject value in a header hash..

#a part from Mail:Message class 
#  mail.subject "G'Day mate"
#  mail.subject #=> "G'Day mate"
def subject( val = nil )
  default :subject, val

# Sets the Subject value of the mail object, pass in a string of the field
# Example:
#  mail.subject = '=?UTF-8?Q?This_is_=E3=81=82_string?='
#  mail.subject #=> "This is あ string"
def subject=( val )
  header[:subject] = val
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There is typo in your answer.. It should be UserMailer.welcome(params) not UserMailer.welocme(params) – Shirjeel Alam Feb 2 '12 at 10:58
Moreover still it is unclear why @subject does not work as it is not a keyword – Shirjeel Alam Feb 2 '12 at 10:59
@ShirjeelAlam so you have down vote answer because it has typo? moreover still subject is not keyword!! and its not feasible to have a list of instance variable,and method for all classes if you have access to source code and also have power of reflection,use it man hopefully you got it!! – Naveed Feb 2 '12 at 11:06

I have not found a canonical site so far but Paul Sturgess has a couple of articles about reserved words here and here. Err The Blog has a list but I did not see "subject" listed (also this list is repeated on a few different sites so Err may not be the original author).

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