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I'm trying to upload file using this PHP class available at http://www.finalwebsites.com/snippets.php?id=7 (to view the codes for the class http://pastebin.com/sqbMw4sR)

And I've the following codes in the upload processing file

$max_size = 1024*100; // the max. size for uploading    
$my_upload = new file_upload;

// upload directory
$my_upload->upload_dir = HOME_PATH."users/";

// allowed extensions
$my_upload->extensions = array(".png", ".jpeg", ".jpg", ".gif"); 
$my_upload->max_length_filename = 50;
$my_upload->rename_file = true;

$new_name = "testing" . time();

if(isset($Submit)) {
    $my_upload->the_temp_file = $_FILES['upload']['tmp_name'];
    $my_upload->the_file = $_FILES['upload']['name'];
    $my_upload->http_error = $_FILES['upload']['error'];
    $my_upload->the_mime_type = $_FILES['upload']['type'];

    // because only a checked checkboxes is true
    $r = $_POST['replace'];
    $my_upload->replace = (isset($r)) ? $r : "n";

    // use this boolean to check for a valid filename
    $a = $_POST['check'];
    $my_upload->do_filename_check = (isset($a)) ? $a : "n"; 
    if ($my_upload->upload($new_name)) { 
        // new name is an additional filename information, 
        //use this to rename the uploaded file
        $full_path = $my_upload->upload_dir.$my_upload->file_copy;

        // just some information about the uploaded file
        $info = $my_upload->get_uploaded_file_info($full_path); 
        // ... or do something like insert the filename to the database
$error = $my_upload->show_error_string();

According to my understanding, the file should've been uploaded but it neither throws any error nor it is uploaded.

I'm calling this file using ajaxForm (jquery plugin http://malsup.com/jquery/form/#file-upload).

Can anyone please point out what is wrong here?

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the data you are posting, are receiving at this class, check it with alert in your ajaxForm() function –  Ket. Feb 2 '12 at 8:05
Im not sure how to do that? In the developers' web console, I can see the xhr call being made though. –  ptamzz Feb 2 '12 at 8:10

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Here is a new Uploader class Save the following block as Uploader.php


    class Uploader
        private $destinationPath;
        private $errorMessage;
        private $extensions;
        private $allowAll;
        private $maxSize;
        private $uploadName;
        private $seqnence;
        public $name='Uploader';
        public $useTable    =false;

        function setDir($path){
            $this->destinationPath  =   $path;
            $this->allowAll =   false;

        function allowAllFormats(){
            $this->allowAll =   true;

        function setMaxSize($sizeMB){
            $this->maxSize  =   $sizeMB * (1024*1024);

        function setExtensions($options){
            $this->extensions   =   $options;

        function setSameFileName(){
            $this->sameFileName =   true;
            $this->sameName =   true;
        function getExtension($string){
            $ext    =   "";
                    $parts  =   explode(".",$string);
                    $ext        =   strtolower($parts[count($parts)-1]);
            }catch(Exception $c){
                    $ext    =   "";
            return $ext;

        function setMessage($message){
            $this->errorMessage =   $message;

        function getMessage(){
            return $this->errorMessage;

        function getUploadName(){
            return $this->uploadName;
        function setSequence($seq){
            $this->imageSeq =   $seq;

    function getRandom(){
        return strtotime(date('Y-m-d H:i:s')).rand(1111,9999).rand(11,99).rand(111,999);
    function sameName($true){
        $this->sameName =   $true;
        function uploadFile($fileBrowse){
            $result =   false;
            $size   =   $_FILES[$fileBrowse]["size"];
            $name   =   $_FILES[$fileBrowse]["name"];
            $ext    =   $this->getExtension($name);
                $this->setMessage("Destination folder is not a directory ");
            }else if(!is_writable($this->destinationPath)){
                $this->setMessage("Destination is not writable !");
            }else if(empty($name)){
                $this->setMessage("File not selected ");
            }else if($size>$this->maxSize){
                $this->setMessage("Too large file !");
            }else if($this->allowAll || (!$this->allowAll && in_array($ext,$this->extensions))){

                    $this->uploadName   =  $this->imageSeq."-".substr(md5(rand(1111,9999)),0,8).$this->getRandom().rand(1111,1000).rand(99,9999).".".$ext;
            $this->uploadName=  $name;
                    $result =   true;
                    $this->setMessage("Upload failed , try later !");
                $this->setMessage("Invalid file format !");
            return $result;

        function deleteUploaded(){



Now upload files using Uploader class. Use following code . Code block is self explanatory .


$uploader   =   new Uploader();
$uploader->setExtensions(array('jpg','jpeg','png','gif'));  //allowed extensions list//
$uploader->setMaxSize(.5);                          //set max file size to be allowed in MB//

if($uploader->uploadFile('txtFile')){   //txtFile is the filebrowse element name //     
    $image  =   $uploader->getUploadName(); //get uploaded file name, renames on upload//

}else{//upload failed
    $uploader->getMessage(); //get upload error message 

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