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We just start testing Play!Framework and akka, for use it in our future projects.

  1. We would like to know how to make an asynchronous call from an Action in the Controller of PLAY![2.0] to an Actor in Akka. We have seen examples in the scala API but no examples in java API.

  2. To make asynchronous requests, we believe that we must to use the class play.libs.WS and play.libs.F.Promise but these do not appear in play_2.9.1.jar they only appear in the API (https://github.com/playframework/Play20/tree/master/framework/src/play/src/main/java/play/libs)

Thanks in advance.

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You're mixing things a little up.

play.libs.WS is for webservice requests (requests to certain urls). play.libs.F.Promise is (afaik) just a relict from Play 1.x

To use a actor, instantiate a ActorSystem, then create a actor and send a message to him. If you "ask" ( actor.ask(...) ) for a result, you can use Await.(don't know the exact name right now, use source completion of your IDE) to wait for its response.

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