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I got a few examples from TTR documentation like:


mfi <- MFI(ttrc[,c("High","Low","Close")], ttrc[,"Volume"])

price <- ttrc[,"Close"]

macd <- MACD( ttrc[,"Close"], 12, 26, 9, maType="EMA" )

ema.20 <- EMA(ttrc[,"Close"], 20)

Is data(ttrc) a data-dummy or what? I want to use


for the Series and select the right column from it like 'close' or 'volume'

"series that is coercible to xts or matrix" How do I transform the timeseries from getSymbols to right matrix to use the examples from the documentation?


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The manual, ?ttrc, confirms that the data is random.

You can extract the columns you want with the Ad, Vo, etc. functions or directly with square brackets.

tail( MACD(Ad(AAPL)) )
tail( MACD( AAPL[,"AAPL.Adjusted"] ) )
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