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I have a CheckedListBox bound to a DataTable. Now I need to check some items programmatically, but I find that the SetItemChecked(...) method only accepts the item index.

Is there a practical way to get an item by text/label, without knowing the item index?

(NOTE: I've got limited experience with WinForms...)

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You can implement your own SetItemChecked(string item);

    private void SetItemChecked(string item)
        int index = GetItemIndex(item);

        if (index < 0) return;

        myCheckedListBox.SetItemChecked(index, true);

    private int GetItemIndex(string item)
        int index = 0;

        foreach (object o in myCheckedListBox.Items)
            if (item == o.ToString())
                return index;


        return -1;

The checkListBox uses object.ToString() to show items in the list. You you can implement a method that search across all objects.ToString() to get an item index. Once you have the item index, you can call SetItemChecked(int, bool);

Hope it helps.

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Maybe it depends on the binding with a DataTable, but o.ToString() in my case returns "System.Data.DataRowView", so I think I have to use myCheckedListBox.GetItemText(o)... –  davioooh Feb 2 '12 at 10:59
Yes, you're right –  Daniel Peñalba Feb 2 '12 at 11:00
When I saw "practical way" I mean an existing method to do it... But it seems that anything like that is provided by the framework, so I'll implement my own method, as you suggest. Thank you very much. –  davioooh Feb 2 '12 at 11:12
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You may try to browse your Datatable. YOu can do a foreach on the DataTabke.Rows property or use SQL syntax as below:

DataTable dtTable = ...
DataRow[] drMatchingItems = dtTable.Select("label = 'plop' OR label like '%ploup%'"); // I assumed there is a "label" column in your table
int itemPos = drMatchingItems[0][id]; // take first item, TODO: do some checking of the length/matching rows


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