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I'm using Doxygen to generate documentation for some code. I have a large makefile with a lot of OPT+=-DSOME_OPTION that I want to Doxygen to take into account when it analyses the code, since parts of the code are conditionally compiled.

I know there is a an option PREDEFINED in the Doxygen configuration file that specifies macro names that are defined for the preprocessor, but I do not want to manually update this list every time a change happens in the makefile. In essence I want to set the PREDEFINED option to scan the makefile for compilation definitions and be automatically updated.

Is this possible with Doxygen?

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If you generate your documentation using make you could define a rule which uses sed, for example, to replace the PREDEFINED lines in your doxygen configuration file with your OPT flags. –  Chris Feb 2 '12 at 11:12

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