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Using TStringList.Sort to sort a collection of strings in free pascal, I need to remember the initial order. Is there a possibility to return the sorted indexes? If not, how can this be done efficiently?

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You can use the object property to store the original index of the item.

So you can insert your items in this way

SL.AddObject('Item 1', TObject(SL.Count));
SL.AddObject('Item 2', TObject(SL.Count));

and retrieve the original index after sort the TStringList

   Index := Integer(SL.Objects[i]);
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Thank you. After posting the question I found this answer and thought it might work for me, it is the same as you suggest. –  hdrz Feb 2 '12 at 19:45

A bit late, but since strings are copy on write, you can simply assign the tstringlist to a second tstringlist using


This won't duplicate the strings. Due to the copy on write behaviour, tstringlist is like an index for strings.

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