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We are planning to learn and use hadoop for small prototyping. Not in production for now. Which distribution of hadoop is good to start with? We've already installed hadoop 0.20.2 and practicing. But Apache distribution is not compatiable with sqoop and some other things. To learn security we have to go for hadoop 1.0.0 which is currently in beta version.

Could you, please, tell us which distribution and version of hadoop is good to learn and prototyping.

Thanks MRK

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Why do you care about beta status of hadoop 1.0.0 if you're using it for learning purposes, not for the production? – om-nom-nom Feb 2 '12 at 9:45

Download the code from trunk (or 0.23 branch) and do a build, it should have all the features. Or else download the 0.23 release, it should have all the features till date except MRv1.

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