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I was wondering if any efforts have been made to create MSI files from rpm spec files or if there are any good ports of RPM to Windows.

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If all you want is a cross platform way to lay down files and perform some actions, take a look at NSIS.

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MSI is an entirely different architecture and way of thinking to RPM, so I'll ask the obvious question - why?

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Making cross platform packages that simply need to lay down files, set some permissions, have a pre, post, preun, and postun section and maybe some information to put in the add remove programs should be simple enough. I would imagine that I am not the first who packages up stuff for Linux, AIX, Windows, HP, etc. I am aware they are different technologies but at their core they lay down files and do some stuff to a box. – ojblass May 27 '09 at 5:43

maybe it's possible to convert deb in Cygwin package ? setup.hint is not so different than controle file from a debian package !

developement in progress ...

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Acresso's InstallAnywhere is specifically designed for cross-platform installations:

InstallAnywhere gives software developers a quick and easy way to author professional software installations for Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux, IBM i, Mac OS X, Windows, and more. It saves you time by creating a single project file that generates a reliable installer for each platform you target.

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The Cpack is one of the choices for you.

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RPM was built for *Nix systems. Not windows.

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